It all began with a series of ‘what if’ questions: what if a new school of architecture suddenly emerged from a new and unexpected place? / what if Africa and the African Diaspora held the key to overcoming so many contemporary challenges of race, environmental justice, new forms of urbanism? / what if a new African school could teach the global North how to embed diversity at the heart of built environment pedagogy? / what if a constellation of progressive global voices could find the space and freedom to pursue a truly transformative agenda? / what if a new and progressive school could produce a generation of truly innovative African and Diaspora architects, unafraid to tackle some of the world’s thorniest issues? / what if we reversed almost a thousand years of exploitative practices, giving Africa’s dynamism and creative energy a space in which to flourish? / what if Africa was truly understood as the laboratory of the future?

The African Futures Institute (AFI), headquartered in Accra, Ghana, is a new venture in architectural education that aims to offer a radically different and innovative educational experience to Ghanaian, African and international students, as well as provide an important platform for socio-politically engaged conversations, exhibitions and publications on architecture and related disciplines. The AFI runs a dynamic series of talks, films, discussions, exhibitions, and social events all year long.