Veem House is an internationally oriented theatre and production house based in Amsterdam where art and politics meet. They are a home for performance, mime, dance and disciplines yet to be named, where artists are given space to experiment, develop and present. Their focus is on movement- whether it be physical or social – from startling performances by upcoming artists to discursive evenings and vibrant Veem House dinners. Veem’s public program features performances, discursive events, book launches, long term group research, social dinners, salons and research sharing sessions. While they are predominantly a production house, they open their doors for roughly one week of the month to the public.

They work with artists who share new perspectives on existing status quos. They produce, curate and collaborate with co-curators to bring together a programme reflecting contemporary issues with the intention of being a place to exercise, discuss and chew on new ideas together. While they curate as a house, they don’t invent everything themselves; co-curation is becoming a recurring element of their collaborative methodology to give audiences access to and interact with new voices, networks and thinkers.  

The central characteristic of the performances they produce and present is movement, in the relation to the body or social and political movements. They present experimentations and interdisciplinary approaches within dance, mime and performance. As they are internationally as well as locally oriented and cater to a large international community, they show work which challenges audiences and offers alternative perspectives on the world with a special interest in connecting locales.