Mutation School is an alternative holistic school about self and community development.

Counterspace’s approach to activism is rooted in creativity, being as decolonial as holistic. Infact decolonial realms are per se holistic. When it comes to beings built in relationship where the personal can’t be separated from the social, decolonising means to personally come back to the essence and socially come back to the wholeness via a holism that was already at the core of ancient wisdom. And previous to the reconnection with that relational cosmovision it also means healing, which Counterspace understands as another necessarily interdependent exercise on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and natural level.

Mutation School is designed to explore the relational cosmovision that reconnect us with everything that make us whole, where everything connects, with the purpose of providing an empirical outlet for the interconnected and never-ending growth and transformation that is to truly live becoming. Along with other critical pedagogy trainings for the future rooted in alternative imaginings practice and collectivity.

More information coming soon.