Inca circular ruin in Moray, Peru.


The Decolonial Lab is the only non-hierarchical and grassroots forum experience rooted in Critical Pedagogy, holding space for:

  • A theoretical introduction to the concept of decoloniality (decolonial theory) with practical cases.
  • And most importantly, a collective exploration of the subject and co-creation of a new paradigm discussing what does practically mean to decolonise ourselves and our world in relation to absolutely any topic, as decolonial practice.

That means that although the theoretical body is always similar, the roundtable conversation is always different, which gives the Lab as much continuity, to deepen or broaden the holistic exploration, as desired.

As Decolonial Lab is the first and only of its kind and it is designed, curated and facilitated by Counterspace curator Cristina Morales. With a practice rooted in a creative, decolonial and hence holistic approach to activism, she understands health and the expansion of both personal and community development as a necessarily interdependent exercise on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and natural level. This experience is then catalysed connecting psychology, socio-cultural anthropology, politics, spirituality and natural sciences, with the aim of healing while building the new instead of focusing on fighting the old, minding the whole picture.


As a service it can be booked by any group with bespoke length. Optimal for universities, education centres, community centres, galleries, museums, archives, cultural institutions, cultural organisations, charities and compromised private businesses interested in navigating a collective exploration of decoloniality. At the moment it is available in London, or worldwide (then virtual). Live options in other areas can be negotiated. Whether you are a group, or an organisation interested in bringing the Decolonial Lab to your live or online events programme, for rates please use the contact form.


Normally booked as live Decolonial Lab/s of bespoke length by groups, this particular online Decolonial Lab is now happening once a month in cycles of 7 (which can be joined any time) for interested individuals without geographical restrictions. As a grassroots international forum, this lab is addressed to people from all walks of life and locations ready to build, through relational learning, new pools of alternative collective knowledge in circulation. Early bookings recommended since capacity is limited to allow the collective conversation. For dates, tickets, host bio and T&C please book here.