Counterspace is the first decolonial thinktank mapping Cultural Activism worldwide. Connecting the dots it creates the first global directory, network and social movement linking the countercultural experiences and radical culture shakers (artists, curators or both) who are creatively decolonising culture, inspiring others to join the collective machinery towards change. Apart from the countercultural directory browsable by continent, praxis and colonial construct, it also offers other online and offline tools and resources such as a panel and roundtable talks, decolonial labs, a radical imagination library, online and printed publications.
Oppression works alike everywhere, is intersectional, overlapping, and inflicted by a hierarchical power very much interested in keeping and promoting divides to sustain the privilege structure. As Guy Debord did with his ‘Critique of Separation’ based on his book ‘Society of Spectacle’, disrupting and deconstructing the binaries and bias of the status quo, paving the so far non-mainstream understanding of what we have in common and unity, is the true revolutionary key of global freedom. That is why Counterspace brings the conversation further beyond the -still dividing- identity politics activism scene. Believing that we are governed by ideas, and that art / creativity is our only counter-space to question, imagine, create and inhabit other realities. In words of James Baldwin, the only asset which -unlike government and religion- has ever been able to revolution culture.
We are then deliberated to do so -but unprecedentedly- together. Taking the form of what Joseph Beuys called ‘Social Sculpture / Organism’. A Beuys-inspired Social Sculpture Network where every human being is an artist who shapes his/her state of freedom. Where the position of freedom he/she experiences at first-hand learns to determine the other positions of the total art work of the future social order.


Counterspace founding curator is Cristina Morales.

It has so far partnered up with Actipedia; Center for Artistic Activism; Humanities, Arts & Society; Memory of the Future; London Institute of Contemporary Art, Inhabit; The Common House; Antiuniversity Now; Shambala Festival; The Cyborg Shamanism Network; Medium, Eventbrite and Patreon.

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Credits: An Alternative Map of the Universe image is a design by Marcelo Vendramel for a public programme bringing together artists using different forms of mapping to imagine new futures curated by Niccolo Moronato, Jessica Taylor and Abbas Zahedi for Guest Projects in London, 2019. Courtesy of the curators and the International Curators Forum.