DTA is a London based collective sampling the archive. They co-create spaces via research, resonance, unravelling, recontextualisation and reflection.

Their aim is to build new collective imaginaries stimulating personal and collective transformations exploring what is the function of the memory, what is its context and how can they best sustain it. Thinking that when we face the past we understand the present. And in understanding the present, we shape our future.

Among their different projects : ‘Progress (1968)’ film, ‘Whilst you archive me’ film, ‘Windrush Time Capsulle’ installation, ‘Forward ever’ digital archive, ‘Sirius B Detox/Healing Station’, ‘(Re)Actions in Dub’, ‘Earth Sound’ and ‘Generations’ mixtape, ‘The art of (re)presetation’ digital exhibition and a podcast called ‘Groundings’.