Larry Achiampong’s is a Ghanaian-British artist based in London. His solo and collaborative projects employ imagery, aural and visual archives, live performance and sound to explore ideas surrounding class, cross-cultural and post-digital identity.

With works that examine his communal and personal heritage – in particular, the intersection between pop culture and the postcolonial position, Achiampong crate-digs the vaults of history. These investigations examine constructions of ‘the self’ by splicing the audible and visual materials of personal and interpersonal archives, offering multiple perspectives that reveal entrenched socio-political contradictions in contemporary society.

Achiampong’s recent project titled ‘Relic Traveller’ is a multi-disciplinary multi-site project that builds on themes of lost testimony, fallen empire and displacement by deconstructing the architectures of colonialism. The project is currently formed of a ‘First Phase’ involving an original score, two short films and installations, an audio-visual performance and a Pan-African flag project which has already been displayed on top of the Somerset House in London and in Jazz musician Kamasi Washington’s videoclip Hub-Tones by Jenn Nkiru among other spaces. The design is currently displayed in London’s underground since he is the first artist who has ever been commissioned by Art on the Undergound / TFL to reimagine London’s underground iconic roundel logo for nothing less than Westminster station.