Poetic Societies is a Detroit based global curatorial agency and performance lab for the ancestral and digital healing of self, land, and senses of belonging. They practice poetic-living and cultivate transnational celebratory memories. 

They produce workshops, cultural events, public art, and participatory projects that propose poetic-living as a vital response to the pressing issues of our time. 

By colliding art, music, meditation, and technology, Poetic Societies create memorable experiences of togetherness. Its resident artists, musicians, and healers create independent and collaborative works that are rooted in their heritages and engage their global communities.

Their work fosters multiracial, multi-gendered, and multi-generational human encounters. Through these efforts, they advance the constructive development of equitable art infrastructures in Detroit and beyond. 

Poetic Societies calls for alternative understandings of time and space and receives humans as poetic beings emerging in poetic environments.