Creative Time is a New York-based organisation presenting innovative public projects at the intersection of art and social justice. It was founded in 1974 to support the creation of innovative, site-specific, socially engaged artworks in the public realm, particularly in vacant spaces of historical and architectural interest. They work with artists to contribute to the dialogues, debates and dreams of our times, valuing the role of the artist and the role of public space in social change. This way, the organization has shifted and grown alongside the political practices of artists throughout 50 years.

Among a myriad of projects, their Creative Time Summit is an annual global convening for the purpose of centering the voices of artists and creative practitioners in the development of tactics for political and social transformation, from both within and outside institutions. At present, their Creative Time Thinktank aims to re-imagine institutions and arts and cultural spaces together, inviting artists, creative practitioners, educators, activists, cultural producers, academics, and other agitators and boundary-pushing thinkers.The culmination of this work, Invitations Toward Re-worlding, provides a path-breaking framework for integrating the transformative theories, ethics, and aesthetics that guide liberation work into actionable planning.