The Museum for the Displaced (Mf D) is a para-institutional network that centres and translates experiences of displacement through art, critical discourse, and action, facilitating meaningful engagements with issues of forced migration. Its programme, unfolding over multiple geographies and contexts, aims to renew possibilities of solidarity through transnational networks and communities. Collaborating beyond borders, Mf D works with displaced artists and researchers to create a framework for our current world and imagine other ones.

The configurations that result in forced displacement derive from turmoils that are domestic, interstate, and planetary, therefore affecting us all. Mf D believes that by standing and speaking next and with migrants, refugees, expelled, and any other type of displaced people, they facilitate a base for participation, education, action, and the thinking and performing of alternative futures.

This project was co-founded in 2019 by four colleagues and friends who saw the same urgency in creating spaces that were committed to countering dehumanization, white supremacy, and the heteropatriarchy: Canan Batur (Turkey/UK), Mohammad Golabi (Iran/USA), Leong Min Yu Samantha (Singapore), and Ana Sophie Salazar (Ecuador/Portugal).