Disobedient Art School is an evolving, co-created curricular framework for collective learning through art practices and processes that intervene in systems of oppression – a non-hierarchical structure based on reciprocity, where they bend the notions of teacher and student, knower and learner, master and apprentice. DAS experiments with educational methods that do not obey the normative imposed by the dominant western educational system. Instead, they propose an approach to decolonise minds and bodies through unrestrained creative practices and to empower each other to practice disobedience. 

The school fosters disobedient art – the bend between disruptive and aesthetic practices, between radical politics and imagination- to open up other places of power that challenge the status-quo. They understand disobedience as the intersection between decolonial praxis and strivings that undo the conditions that built the current crises. And they aim to increase their capacity for and deepen their understanding of radical and intersectional solidarity. The same fossil-fueled power structures that are causing the climate crisis are also responsible for systemic racism. The same colonial logic that exploits and marginalises lives is also responsible for gender, class, and sexual inequality. All these structures are entwined in a harmful system that is at the root of the multiple crises we face today. And DAS aims to open up new places of power and response-ability that can subvert the current forces of dominance and supremacy.

The school is a community composed of radical educators, facilitators, disobedient artists, and people who want to engage in learning otherwise. It is initiated by Fossil Free Culture NL’s team – Teresa Borasino, Daniela Paes Leao, and Talissa Soto – and co-conspired with Ying Que, Hodan Warsame, David Limaverde, Nuraini Juliastuti and Paula Chaves Bonilla.