Onyx debut publication designed by Design Kind and supported by Disability Arts Online – UK, 2022.

Disability Arts Online is a UK-based non-profit organisation occupying a unique global position championing the development of intersectional disability arts in every way possible. DAO’s team is a group of expert individuals working together to take action for social justice with a rich history challenging dominant narratives, breaking down barriers to arts engagement from an intersectional disability-led position, embracing neurodiversity and chronic physical and/or mental conditions.

Informed by the Social Model of Disability, DAO primarily commissions/publishes editorial and showcases art, providing a place where critical thought pieces, reviews and interviews can be shared and commented on in their online magazine and blog. Their online platform hosts a directory of artists and organisations, related events, as well as professional opportunities. And they also offer free mentorship for artists, and consultancy services when not participating in festivals and/or producing projects/events.

DAO is currently delivering the Disability…And podcast in partnership with Graeae. And has recently launched the ethnically diverse disabled artist collective Onyx funded by the Arts Council of England.