Tidal is a short, irregular (and as needed), printed magazine born out of Occupy Wall Street which also hosts weekly columns on their website as well as related events.
Since there is no radical action without radical thought, Tidal offers a space for the emergence and discussion of movement-generated theory and practice. It is a strategic platform that weaves together the voices of on-the-ground organisers with those of long-standing theorists to explore the radical possibilities sparked by the occupations of Tunis’ Kasbah, Tahrir, Sol, Syntagma, Zuccotti and their aftermaths.

Tidal understands that we are engaged in the early stages of an anti-capitalist struggle that’s finally capable of ushering in a non-capitalist way of living. Aware that knowledge and time are privileges, Tidal endeavors to offer challenging ideas in language that’s accessible, and at reasonable length.