Teoretica is a San Jose-based independent nonprofit organisation which ethos imply theory, aesthetics and ethics. Throughout the years, Teoretica has been consolidated as one of the most dynamic cultural projects in Latin America, internationally renowned for its role in the development of artistic practices adopting new ways of thinking from a critical stance.

They aim to be an agent holding space for doubt, questions, debates and the generation of thought, pertinent to the region. They have developed diverse strategies, taking art as the common space from where to generate study, to look for other ways of being together learning and building in a collective way. Simultaneously working along several lines that intersect and complement each other, they procure spaces of encounter and conversation – both symbolic and physical –  on contemporary artistic practices in dialogue with social and political realities.

Teoretica aims to function as a catalyst and support to the artistic production of Costa Rica, Central America and the Caribbean. Furthermore, taking advantage of its international ties, it seeks to activate itself as a platform from where to embody formative and critical thinking activities, about local and global art’s discourses and realities to contribute in a real way to the construction of a critical, public sphere, and to regain the ability to put a certain social consensus in crisis.