The Valley of the Possible is an independent cultural non-profit that offers artists, scientists and other thinkers and makers a place to connect with nature, time for research and space for artistic development towards an alternative culture. It is located in the Cañon del Blanco, a remote and secluded valley in La Araucanía Andina, Chile, surrounded by ancient volcanic landscapes with a high level of biodiversity and a strong Indigenous presence.

Through open calls and curated programs, they encourage interhemispheric, intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange from up-and-coming artists, established professionals and other visionary spirits from all disciplines and backgrounds with interest in subjects related to, and at the intersection of, art, ecology, science and (Indigenous) culture. In conjunction with curators, they produce tailor-made programs exploring specific themes striving to be an open organisation that acts, communicates, shares and grows as a small part of a bigger whole. 

The arts may be the most powerful tool we have to ask these questions and more importantly: to reimagine the relationship we have with our planet in the most fundamental way possible. It has the capacity to bridge cultural and socio-economic gaps and create new narratives humanity so desperately needs to transform to new ways of living. Already there is a growing (often activist) art movement addressing climate injustice, ecological catastrophe and the suffering that comes with it. This movement can provide strength to bring about change based on community and interbeing, as well as the potential to rethink politics and demonstrate how nature is interwoven with economics, technology, culture and law. At the same time, they believe it is essential to support from within this movement the parallel development of ecological and economical shifts that re-addresses the wisdom, tradition and culture of Indigenous people and the importance of their cosmology. Valley of the Possible exists to host, support and present these discussions and works.