Tools for Action is a Berlin-based international artist group that acts at the intersection of visual art, performance and activism initiated in 2012 by Artúr van Balen. A platform for collaboration between artists, educators and activists giving participatory workshops in the manufacture of inflatable sculptures as a community-building element and as a means for intervention and their use for political action aiming to practice alternative forms of social engagement and resistance and open ways of experimentation. In 2017 Tools for Action, together with Theatre of Dortmund, were awarded the Prize for Arts Education by the German Ministry for Culture and Media for their project ‘Mirror Barricade’.

The current activities of Tools for Action focus on generating space for rethinking our relationship to the past and future. They are interested in tapping into historical narratives of resistance and protest and finding ways of collective remembering and commemorating that do not fixate on a single dominant perspective. They focus on exploring and intervening in memory cultures, forgotten places and histories that need to be revisited, by creating site-specific interventions in contested urban space, such as squares, monuments and shrines. The research activities of Tools for Action work in generating a deeper contextual understanding of such sites of contestation and reopening and activating layers of shared meaning connected to these places for future interventions.