An Alternative Map of the Universe is a public programme which was first presented at Guest Projects in London curated by Niccolò Moronato, Jessica Taylor and Abbas Zahedi and supported by International Curators Forum.

Departing from Niccolò Moronato’s body of work Firmament, which looks at stars and constellations from the alternative perspective of a planet 40 light years away from us, An Alternative Map of the Universe is a collaborative effort to bring together artists who use mapping as a way of responding to current realities or imagining new ones for the future. A concept turned collective platform. Together, this group of counter-mapping artists attempt to find a way to communicate in spite of and in response to the disparate systems that govern our existence today. Through the staging of works, performances, screenings and talks, the aim for this programme is to encourage individuals to consider questions such as: What is space? Is space even real? Who is space for? Who holds power in space? What constellation do we find ourselves in? This first edition, featuring artists such as Larry Achiampong, Ewan Atkinson, Niklas Gustafsson, Versia Harris, Emre Kazim, Niccolò Moronato, Paul O’Kane, Katarzyna Perlak, Pilar Quinteros and Abbas Zahedi.

Image design by Marcelo Vendramel. Courtesy of the curators and the International Curators Forum.

Video by Niccolo Moronato.