Skin Deep is a London based multimedia platform, a creative powerhouse that is redefining culture amplifying voices of colour through discussions of race, politics and activism. Their online platform, biannual print publication and live events tell the stories others don’t. They collaborate with creatives, musicians, writers, artists and activists to produce and platform original and thought-provoking content which is fresh and accessible. Their aim is to curate a space in which a diverse range of heritages, tastes, styles, stories, sounds, traditions and imaginings can be explored both creatively and politically.

So far, they have published 8 issues: ‘Introductions’, ‘Roots routes’, ‘Terrorising the masses’, ‘Theorising from outside the Academy’, ‘The Spectacle’, ‘Imagining 2043’, ‘The Food issue’ and ‘Movements’. And curated over 20 events.