Unburied is a film written and directed by Sally Fenaux Barleycorn.
Produced by New Voices New Futures and commissioned by Creative Interruptions, an AHRC-funded project hosted at Brunel University of London in collaboration with independent race equality think-tank Runnymede.

35.875 people have died in the Mediterranean sea since 1993 to today trying to reach a safe port. Hundreds continue to die monthly. Spanish and Italian governments have started prosecuting and forbidding navigation to any NGOs that will try to save their lives. The seas of the world are filled with black bodies. Sally Fenaux Barleycorn’s short film is a visual poem of pain, remembrance and social report.

Sally is the daughter of African and European migrants. She has been working in the film industry since 2009, and premiered her first short film in Amsterdam in 2015. As a director her focus has always been to translate social experiences into emotional images, ideas into visual metaphors, exploring how much one can communicate beyond the rational into the heart of an audience.

Unburied was shot in Barcelona with the collaboration of political artists like Silvia Albert Sopale, currently disrupting the narratives of a dictatorial legacy still very much present in Spain.