SAAG is a collective of South Asian writers, editors, academics, organisers, translators, playwrights, journalists, visual artists and designers who share a deeply political commitment to radical art that challenges unequal status quos. South Asian Avant-Garde: A Dissident Literary Anthology is their digital magazine featuring dissident, unconventional work in fiction, essays, journalism, plays, poetry, and multimedia, in the hopes if reclaiming radical traditions that have long been excised from South Asian histories, forging new communities and reinforcing necessary solidarities.

Their digital platform allows the work to travel everywhere South Asians live and practice. At the core of this project is an argument and a claim that South Asian creatives have revolutionary and avant-garde traditions that have been marginalised in the histories of South Asia. But especially in the contemporary media landscape, they hope to be a contrast to the siloed worlds of literary magazines, art exhibits or academic journals, which gate-keep, and separate forms that must speak to each other.