The Plurality University Network is a global and open organisation based in Paris that connects artists, designers, utopians, activists and anyone wishing to expand and enable alternative futures imaginaries.

The Plurality University Network (referred as well as U+) implements collaborative projects and public events that are open to all, and provides support for co-producing, sharing and debating visions and proposals for the future from different cultures, practices and disciplines. It aims at reflecting, sharing knowledge, educating and raising awareness about the future, focusing on peer-to-peer collaboration, intercultural exchange, social inclusion through participation, and the common good.

Most of U+’s activities take the form of projects, events, publications and workshops. They create partnerships with different institutions, NGO’s, non-profit organisations, schools, businesses and individuals, where they conduct their activities through: online platforms, where information on ideas, practices and methods can be found and shared; meetings and events, where they can enrich their individual and collective practices by learning about new ones; collaborative projects, where collective intelligence meets a thematic; and publications, curating and making accessible new ideas and methods, and the futures that they open up.