Contranarrativas is a horizontal and collaborative project of knowledge and culture and production compromised with the visibility, dissemination and production of decolonial narratives from the Global South. A South-South dialogue which allows to overcome the colonial epistemological paradigm through a decentralised and counterhegemonic one. 

The platform is based in Dominican Republic and has five axles. A public classroom which so far has created 15 online courses that over 900 people from 36 different countries have benefited from in South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. And 7 live courses which have taken place in Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA and Brazil. A cultural production axis of decentralised and counterhegemonic cultural management based on collectivity, solidarity and horizontality oriented towards the dissemination, production and management of decolonial cultural practices in the Global South. A creative laboratory to empower and systematize these dialogues in the Global South. An independent publishing house. And a platform of independent free communication bringing together activists, journalists, scholars and cultural producers compromised with social justice.