Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology is a Copenhagen and Berlin-based independent platform for planetary becoming. They work with the embodied, theoretical and political implications of global, but unequally distributed environmental breakdown in response to multispecies worlds in urgent need of regeneration and care. On a planet wounded by the violence of colonialism, white imperialism and extractive capitalism, they try to challenge our heritage of exploitative, pathogenic and destructive systems and norms guided by queer feminist strategies. And attempting to form alliances across different collectives, bodies and fields.

Their curatorial structure is nomadic and tentacular, facilitating a myriad of multidisciplinary events, exhibitions, workshops and symposia across landscapes, disciplines, contexts and histories spanning from rural spaces, festival sites, ocean shores, boats, academic and exhibition spaces. Methods are performative, experimental and flow through and across genres aiming for long durational, cross-pollinating knowledge productions in conversation. Including a small press that publishes and translates work that shares, extends, supports and forms thought exploring intersections between the poetic and the academic, the affective and the scientific, the personal and the political.