Woofer Ten was the first non-profit art organisation exploring Social Practice art in Hong Kong, China, funded by Hong Kong Art Development Council from 2009 to 2013. It was based at Shanghai Street Artspace in Yaumatei, an aging grassroots community and neighborhood. Formed by a group of like-minded artists, curators, critics, researchers and educators, Woofer Ten aimed at introducing a lively conception of contemporary art engaging the community. Therefore, instead of attempting an out-of-place white cube arty gallery, Woofer Ten moulded itself as platform for art projects to explore new approaches in bridging the community and art making, offering public art of social-political relevance close to everyday life .

Woofer Ten it deeply impacted the consciousness of Hong Kong people by telling the crowds, ‘This is the potential of community arts’ in a city where there are almost no artist-run or nonprofit art spaces. After a loss of funding and tenancy they have been functioning with no physical location as Woofer Ten Continuous Working Team.