Beta-Local is a non-profit organisation based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, born from an interest in promoting an adventurous art practice as an end in itself, but also as a creative engine with social implications. Devoted to promoting critical and creative thought, action and production through an independent and flexible structure, it is comprised of various experimental programs.

La Práctica: a 9-month research and production program for artists and other cultural agents designed specifically for those interested in creating new conditions, relations and positions from which to produce in and beyond established circuits.

The Harbor: a residency program through which artists, curators, thinkers and other makers living abroad live in Beta-Local, work with the participants of their programs, develop projects or workshops and offer lectures, generating dialogue between local and international projects, ideas and skills related to art production.

La Ivan Illich: an experimental pedagogical platform through which anyone can propose a class, workshop, conference, encounter, study group or any other knowledge exchange.