Created by Belgian Congolese cultural journalist and activist Gia Abrassart, Café Congo is much more than just a café. It is an independent cultural salon with a shebeen vibe and an artistic third place—the only one of its kind in Belgium—dedicated to political struggles and decolonial resistance. This literary café with a feminist angle sets out to be a space in constant motion offering a window on the Afro scene, while resonating with the world as a whole. The library contains nearly 400 books and includes journals, art books, and engaged literatures. Next to it, there is a residency space for artists, the independent art gallery Wetsi Art Gallery, and a small media library.

This library, which houses the rebellious soul of Brusselians of African descent, opens at somewhat unusual hours of the day and night, as its heart beats to the rhythm of the events that take place there: poetry soirées, recreational gatherings, concerts, and film screenings. Books can be consulted on the premises over a glass of homemade ginger cordial, and some of the publications are on sale as well as co-edited by Gia.