Y’en a Marre (‘Fed Up’) is an artivist group of Senegalese rappers who decided to unite forces with a group of journalists in 2011 to mobilise the country to fight their ineffective government. The group was founded by rappers Fou Malade (Malal Talla), Thiat (Cheikh Oumar Cyrille Touré) and Kilifeu (both from celebrated rap crew ‘Keur Gui of Kaolack’) and journalists Sheikh Fadel Barro, Aliou Sane and Denise Sow. The movement was originally started in reaction to Dakar’s frequent power cuts, but the group quickly concluded that they were ‘fed up’ with an array of problems in Senegalese society.

Through recordings, rallies and a network of regional affiliates- called the spirit of Y’en a Marre– the group advocates for youth to embrace a new type of thinking and living termed ‘The New Type of Senegalese’ embracing and re-contextualising the thought of Pan-African thinkers like Fanon or Cheikh Anta Diop, to move when it comes to politics, from religious faith to pacific direct action.

In late 2011, the collective released a compilation titled ‘Y’en A Marre’, from which the single ‘Faux! Pas Forcé’ emerged as a rallying cry for youth frustrated with President Wade and his son and presumed successor. They followed with the single, ‘Doggali’ (‘Let’s finish’), which advocated for cleansing the country of Wade and son.

Since Senegal has never known a coup d’etat they decided to not disrupt Senegal pacific history and the group and their members campaigned door to door to register young Senegalese to vote and claim that more than 300,000 voters were registered with Y’en a Marre’s assistance and urging. Despite a few arrests, the group continued to organise protests up until the election that ended up unseating Wade.


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