Casa do Povo is a Sao Paulo-based cultural centre that revisits and reinvents notions of culture, community and memory. Inhabited by a dozen different groups, movements and collectives, it expands the notion of culture. Its interdisciplinary process-based programming and socially-engaged activities see art as a critical tool in an ongoing process of social transformation.

Casa do Povo , meaning people’s house, has flexible hours and no fixed events schedule, adapting to the needs of each project in order to attend to neighbourhood associations as well as unconventional artistic proposals. Its work axes (memory / collective and socially-engaged practices / dialogue and involvement with its surroundings) stem from contemporary contexts in direct relation with Casa do Povo’s historical, Jewish and humanist premises. In this endeavour, the audience is not a target, but rather an active participant which, in addition to visiting, can also propose activities, making the space a locale for encounters, development and experimentation: a living monument, a place where to remember is to act.