Space of Potential is a project by Aaron Kopp and Sarah Bovelett. As such, is an undefined fragment of the urban fabric without obvious permanent function. As these Spaces are undefined we can use them. ​By defining them, they want to activate and use public space on a human, temporary scale. Public Space is what we share with strangers and therefore it connects our individual live to something bigger. As cities are becoming the environment for most of humanity, the urgency for shared space is bigger than ever. All over the world shared, non-commercial spaces are disappearing, adsorbed by private enterprises. Today making use of public space has become then a political act.

After researching the regulations of public space in their city, they are exploring and exploiting the limits and possibilities of these regulations as starting point for temporary interventions in public space discovering the unused potential of the Hague for self-expression, community-building and ever-changing situations. Their aim is to inspire, test possibilities and provide a framework, but also hand over the potentialities to others. A space of potential handbook is available to download from their website.