For centuries, the Caribbean has been a place where people from the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia have converged, and its stories are far richer and more nuanced than many of the traditional narratives, often produced and circulated outside the region. As film production continues to become less prohibitive and more democratic, a new generation of Caribbean filmmakers around the world is seizing the moment to bring these stories to screens both big and small. Between the current drive for diversity in film and the mounting pressures on marginalised and immigrant communities worldwide, there is no better time to share these stories with the world.

Third Horizon aims to celebrate and empower the filmmakers leading this change bringing the best cutting-edge and thought-provoking film, visual art and music from the Caribbean, its diaspora, and beyond to South Florida. The film festival was founded by Third Horizon, a Miami-based collective of Caribbean creatives and staged in partnership with Caribbean Film Academy, a Brooklyn-based not-for-profit organisation whose core mission is to support and distribute the work of Caribbean filmmakers with the support of Knight Foundation.