The Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education draws its name ‘Tshisimani’ from a word in Tshivenda language meaning fountain, spring or ‘at the water source’. This captures the driving inspiration for the centre which is to nourish, replenish and sustain the power and capacity of activist movements, organisations and networks engaged in grassroots struggle to build a just society in South Africa and internationally.

Located in Cape Town and oriented towards struggles in Africa and elsewhere, the Tshisimani Centre is focused on developing an understanding of inequality and injustice, and a vision for change, that is global in scope. Formed in early 2016, they provide structured and reflective learning programmes for social justice activists to complement their experience in fundamentally addressing, and finding solutions to, the injustices faced daily by the poor, marginalised and disenfranchised. Building their courses in conversation with activists, they question the ways in which intersections of class, race and gender, give rise to massive and exploitative differentials in wealth, power, privilege and opportunity. Committed to building a unique and inclusive space for combining specialist expertise of leading intellectuals with the knowledge and skills gained by activists in struggle on the streets and in communities.