K[]NESH /kɒn(ə)ʃ/ :act, activism in Persian.

Konesh Space is a migrating platform stretched between Tehran and Europe for critical and creative spatial practices by Saba Zavarei and Vanessa Lehmann. A transdisciplinary agora in which artists, activists, architects, cultural practitioners, scholars, policy makers and scientists come together and challenge understandings of space.

Konesh Space organises site-specific and online events integrating workshops, film screenings, close reading events, walking tours, exhibitions, talks and site-visits in different cities and places accompanied by an online discussion and documentation. The platform promotes public art / performance interventions and creates a community of artists and performers who wish to occupy the space in innovative site-specific ways, interrupt its hegemonic norms and challenge the dominant power which controls the ways in which we perform the space and create places.

They curate two site-specific events each year. The launch event was held in May 2018 in London on the theme of ‘scale’ and the second event was organised around the theme of ‘trace’ in Cairo in March 2019. Their future event will be held in Berlin in 2020.