With the mantra ‘We are what we see’, Bureau of Change is a New Orleans based collaborative digital media studio that creates, curates and distributes socially and politically engaged projects. Their process commissions artists and non-artists to collaborate on creative works aimed at inciting institutional change while studying social technology, digital media theory, interdisciplinary research and artistic production.

Founded by Margot Herster with a group of university art students and recent graduates, the purpose was to create a space outside of the existing education system for collaborative practice and development opportunities with peers and mentors. Originating out of dissatisfaction with the state of higher education, Bureau of Change developed into a new school in the form of an atelier-style studio where an interdisciplinary group- established artists and designers, student apprentices and young artists, scholars and community experts, and the public- interact to create.

They produce exhibitions, participatory and site-specific experiences, workshops and public programming, made-for-internet works, and collaborations for commissioned projects often for local and international art institutions and other public spaces.