Counterspace’s curator Cristina Morales is available to intervene as speaker in circular / decentralised settings: roundtable, panel or forum talks, in need to bring the decolonial or Cultural Activism approach on board.

She is also available to curate the roundtable itself, from Counterspace’s pool of thinkers and agitators with eclectic profiles and backgrounds. London-based, talks can happen anywhere live or virtually. For rates and / or proposals please use the contact form.


University State Academy of Fine Arts | 2021, Stuttgart. The practical Master ‘Body, Theory and Poetics of the Performative’ in the University of Fine Arts of Stuttgart is the first of its kind in Germany. Students work on the politics of the body, theory and poetics of the performative as different dimensions of the same field to question and explore the limits and possibilities of social power and resistance formulating technical, theoretical and organisational aspects of their practice through collective critical work.

Keynote Speaker  | Tittle to be confirmed


Social Art Network | 2020, UK / International. Social Art Network is a British platform of artists committed to building agency via art and Social Practice. Unapologetically political and unreservedly radical in approach and practice, SAN believes the only creative response to our current climate is radical politics as art. Understanding politics not as governmental parties but as the social collection of people, where true meaningful change is generated. In art, this translates into emotional resonance with the state of our society and crises we collectively inhabit. But it also translates into vision imagining new ways of living with one another, where creativity has always led the way in conceiving revolutionary routes. Created in 2017, SAN met early success launching the Social Art Summit 2018, a national review of Social Practice leading to the artist-led national network; and expanding dialogue and a pilot for the world’s first Social Art Biennial.

Guest Speaker | Guest Speaker of the decentralised and practice-led London-based event on ‘RADICAL IMAGINATION‘ along with Social Practice artists Sophie Hope, Fran Cottell, E-J Scott, R.M Sanchez-Camus and Ignacio Acosta, hosted by Sally Labern and streamed online on the 16th of September 2020. 

Guest Speaker |Guest Speaker in the Brighton-based event ‘DECOLONISING ART&CULTURE: UNLEARNING AND RELEARNING THROUGH CREATIVE PRACTICE‘ along with artist Sofia Yala N’Lolo, hosted by Susuana Amoah and streamed online on the 1st of September 2020.