Counterspace is not a charity and it is not subsidised by governments. As an independent curatorial platform is totally dependent on services (publications, marketing affiliations, labs, talks, webinars…), private funding and donations. Other options, including an exclusive membership-based community, would not be decolonial.

However we are still living within a neo-liberal conditioning and every week time, thought and resources are poured into it – remaining free and ad-free – which in the long term can only be sustainable by partial patronage. It takes a bunch of hours a month to plan, research, curate, record, edit, design, write, proofread, promote, communicate and deliver, and a bunch of pounds to sustain. If you find joy and solace in this labour and think this platform supports you, the world you want to live in, and that it is on a common interest value to see growing, please consider becoming a Counterspace Sustaining Patron to support back with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing. Your support matters as much as making possible to keep providing resources to people over the world for free.

Although these resources are never going to be exclusive, Sustaining Patrons can definitely enjoy some extra benefits and involvement: from early access to content and services to livestreams and Q&A’s, free tickets, digital downloads, work-in progress updates, patrons shot-outs, live chats and general support from £3 / month >>> Please find out the options clicking the button below:

You can also become a Counterspace Spontaneous Supporter with a one-time donation in any amount:

If you can’t afford £3 per month or a one-time donation please check all the many different free ways you can still support Counterspace with as a Counterspace Ally

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