For the first time ever, seven different Afro-Brazilian musical and cultural groups have joined forces in London to deliver heartfelt, explosive, cohesive and artistic performances, with music, dance, chants, costumes, banners, placards and lots of drums to parade as one in Notting Hill Carnival 2019 under the name of Tambores Livres (Free Drums).

An unprecedented collaboration and brand-new Carnival Band celebrating the spirit of Brazilian culture whilst raising awareness of the social and environmental issues facing Brazil today, celebrating resistance at a time when protecting indigenous, environmental and social rights is becoming an emergency.

The groups involved are Tribo (samba-reggae / UK), Mar Azul (Berimbau-Capoeira / UK), Selva (Carnival Arts / UK), Baque Luar (Maracatu-Coco / UK), Baque Ogum (Maracatu / UK), Baque de Axe (Maracatu / UK) with the special participation of Nacao do Maracatu do Porto Rico (Maracatu / Brazil).

This year their theme was heroes and heroines of Brazilian resistance and payed special homage to Mestre Môa de Katendê, Marielle Franco and Caboclo 2 de Julho honouring their drive, commitment and passion for unity and justice.

Apart from Carnival, fundraising events and educational workshops are on its way.